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You Must Find Your Own Inspiration

After 45 years of bCard Deck Swapeing on planet Earth I’ve learned that if you sit around waiting for inspiration to strike you are going to be shit out of luck. I don’t believe in luck, or that you can be my muse. I do believe that we create our own fortune, and that we must be our own inspiration. Still there are days when we need a boost, and for that I do look to others. We are all interconnected and I don’t live in a vacuum, a black hole or a cave. What you put out there into the Universe you do receive back.

This is the simple notion behind an art swap. I recently participated in Jessica Brogan’s Altered Art Inspiration Card Deck swap. This is a swap she’s been hosting for a couple of years now and the basic premise is to take a deck of cards and alter it to create 52 inspirational messages. I decided to create 2 decks, so that I will receive 104 unique inspirational messages back in mid-September. I had such fun doing it, and felt so good after creating all those positive messages that I put a call out to my online friends to join a secret FB group called Inspiration Tribe.

Inspiration Tribe officially begins the first leg of its journey Sept 1 when eight of us will begin exchanging a letter and a small piece of art each month. I created this group to help keep me in a positive head space for the next 12 months, and hopefully forge some intentional relationships with the wonderful women who are taking part in this swap with me.

The past couple of years have been very hard on me – physically, financially, emotionally – but at the same time have been some of the richest in my life with my family and friends. I want to keep that balance, to walk the middle path and in order to that I know I’ll need some help along the way. My Inspiration Tribe will keep me focused on my artistic and creative pursuits.

A close friend of mine also created an Accountability Buddies group last year which I joined to pursue my health and fitness goals. This is another small group of focused, and dedicated women. Nine of us share our trials and triumphs and keep each other’s spirits lifted. It was this group which helped me understand just how much a meaningful group of people who support you without expectation or judgment can be. Sometimes they have been like a life raft in a storm.

I have much to be thankful for, and these connections in the digital world are pouring over into my face to face life. Suddenly the Universe is coming into balance, things are looking up and I am once again able to be my own inspiration and not only live in the moment, but look to the future.

You should try being your own inspiration for a day. Consider making your own inspirational card deck and see where it leads you, or participate in the next art swap Jessica hosts:

You can find Jessica’s Homepage at:
You can find the FB group at:

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