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Postcard Art Swap: Theme Leaf Prints

November Leaf Print Swap 1I’m excited to be sending an awesome swap of 35 unique leaf print postcards out into the world today. These 4” x 6” little pieces of joy found will travel to Michigan, Arkansas, Colorado, England and Canada and be dispersed to the nine wonderful families and individuals who chose to participate this month.

I hope this deliNovember Leaf Print Swap 2ghtful leaf themed Autumn eye candy will inspire you to join us in future swaps so we can spread a little happy mail and our love of artistic expression with you, reaching further corners of the globe. Thank you to all the families and artists who participated in this round. I appreciate you. Without you, these wonderful hands on examples of original fine art could not reach so many.

The neNovember Leaf Print Swap 3xt monthly postcard swap I’m hosting has the theme of Winter Wonderland. All postcards should be sized 4” x 6”. The deadline for this swap is January 15, 2015. In February our theme will be Art With Heart. You can read the full details of how to participate in monthly postcard swaps by visiting the still in progress website Monthly Art Swaps, which is will officially launch with some cool free giveaways in January, but the bare bones are there right now and you can see an upcoming schedule of swaps you may wish to participate in.

I also have two BIG SWAPS coming up with deadlines in January and February.

The Mixed Media Bookmark swap deadline is January 15, 2015. For this swap you make 1 – 24 bookmarks using any style or technique, and receive the same number back from a variety of different artists. Size at least 1″ x 5″. I also wanted to remind you of my Facebook group which inspired these swaps in case you want to check out Homeschool Art Swaps. We’re just finishing up an Inspiration Art Card Deck swap and will have photos up to share soon. If that idea appeals to you, you may want to check out our upcoming Inspiration Deck swap that focuses on the Gelli Plate and gelatin prints.

The Gelli Plate Inspiration Card Deck swap deadline is February 15, 2015. For this swap you make a deck (or two, or three) of up to 52 cards sized 2.5” x 3.5” using original gelatin prints as the main background or a major element in each card design. Cards can all be different or follow a similar theme and style but must contain an inspirational phrase, word, or quote. You’ll get back the same number of cards you submit, for a unique deck from a variety of artists around the globe. I host a Facebook page for gelatin print enthusiasts on Facebook called Positively Gellin’ where we discuss and share our tips, techniques and a variety of swaps throughout the year for the love of gelatin print based art explorations.

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