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Results And Excuses Cannot Occupy The Same Space


Art card by Cindy Jones Lantier

Art card by Cindy Jones Lantier

Results and excuses cannot occupy the same space. This powerful little bit of wisdom hit me especially hard when I received it, as this art card was part of a swap that dragged on… and on… and on. It was a wee hit of irony when a good laugh was needed to remember that we are all human and shit happens. Still, when the shit hits the fan and others are waiting on the sweet scent of exchange you need to stand up and take personal accountability. Even if it means you admit human frailty.

This swap was a large one, 52 card decks of art and I had submitted two decks. I was unfamiliar with the hostess, and had even been warned off participating but still delved in hoping for the best. The best ended up taking more than six months to find resolution and even then I did not receive a full swap in exchange. I did receive a Facebook block, an unexpected exile from the group and a flurry of instant messages from others who received the same fate simply because we asked the hostess to have a bit of personal accountability. Yep, results and excuses cannot occupy the same space. I’d rather be the result than the excuse any day of the week.

I’m a results driven person. I like function, and efficiency. So, when I find it not happening and not in my control I seek to resolve that chaos. The fact of the matter is that the majority of the time we cannot control others actions and behaviors (we can’t all be Darryl Revok in Scanners circa 1981). What we can control is our reaction to others. I try to react professionally, and with honesty in all of my interactions and often that makes me a bit unpopular. People don’t like when you point out their flaws even if they are glaring there for everyone else to see.

Social media makes our humanity and all its ebbs and swells very open to criticism. As a facilitator of swaps groups online I am very aware of this. It’s why I strive to keep things organized and timely and keep in communication with the groups I host if any small bumps occur in the timeline. It’s also why I am easily disappointed when another host fails to meet their own deadlines, and even more disappointed in myself when some snag happens that I can’t quickly remedy (like lost postal packages – even though it is rare it happens).

Fortunately, my honesty works well in these situations. People realize that shit does in fact happen and even when we take responsibility the end result may not please everyone. Still, if we go about life recognizing that results and excuses cannot occupy the same space I think we are more conscientious in making our actions count in a positive way. This simple shift of thought can help us be more effective and productive in all aspects of our lives.

The question I want to leave you with today will help my future actions. What is your expectation from a swap host and what epic fails have made you wary of trading your art in online groups?

I want to thank Cindy Jones Lantier for inspiring this bit of writing. Her powerful artist trading card pictured here is one of many in my collection. You can find Cindy on the web at and Cindy is an amazing human being I met through an online book club. She has with plenty of insightful tips and strategies to help you live an amazing life.

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