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Monday Mindset: Expect Nothing And Appreciate Everything

Art Card © DianneInNV 2014

Art Card © DianneInNV 2014

It is very difficult to put yourself in a mindset of no expectations. Whether those expectations are about your family, life partner, career, art, or your body – we all seem to thrive on creating expectations for ourselves and in creating expectations for others. Unfortunately, this often leads to people not living up to expectations.

The first time I started living a life expecting nothing was in my early 20’s. It made me a very self-reliant person. You see, when you expect nothing of others then you tend to take action yourself. When you expect nothing of others, you also cannot be easily disappointed. When you expect nothing, suddenly every little thing takes on new meaning and importance.

By expecting nothing we offer up a blank slate each and every day to ourselves. Our interactions with others become more in the moment, and we can truly APPRECIATE each moment of life as it occurs. When you do this it’s easy to let your awesome unfurl. Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

When we expect something from someone, we have forethought an outcome. We have stopped the pipeline and the flow of connectivity with one another. We’ve essentially tried to preordain what’s going to happen, and when it doesn’t it can be a major letdown. Expecting something is not a way to set yourself up for success in any endeavor.

I know, that sounds kind of crazy, right? Without expectations how are we supposed to gauge if something in our lives if following the correct path, is turning out how we think it should? There’s that awful should word. Should is the precursor to expectation. It gets us all into more trouble than any other word when we start shoulding on each other. Expect nothing and you become OPEN to ANYTHING and that is truly magical.

Now, appreciation is the second part of this week’s Monday Mindset. When is the last time you appreciated the breath that keeps you alive? the simple fact of waking up each morning? When is the last time you actually looked at a loved one and thought, or said out loud, “I appreciate you.”

It’s probably been a while. You see, these are just a few of the things we take for granted; things we expected will happen but don’t really think about. These things reflect our lives on autopilot, and you want to live an intentional life: Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

When we become mindless and on autopilot, overlooking the simple pleasures and joys of our everyday lives then we are just existing. Let me remind you that you are only human and we humans invariably end up with all kinds of expectations that block our abilities to be here now, but when we take the time to appreciate everything then we can actualize the full and rich lives we deserve.

This week I want you to focus on this mantra: Expect nothing and appreciate everything. I guarantee that doing so will open you to new experiences, richer interactions and I’m pretty sure that appreciation part will come right back at you from some of the most unexpected places.


What is the Monday Mindset? I know a lot of people who hate Mondays. The day gets a bad rap as the start of the work week and is associated with the dread tasks of the daily grind. As I was sifting through the many artistic messages I’ve received in inspiration card deck swaps over the past year I realized that sitting in a box those lovely art cards don’t do anyone any good. Each Monday I will be sharing one with you, so that you can start the week in a positive head space, as well as a get a bit more insight into mine.

This post’s image is of an art card I received from DianneInNV through Jessica Brogan’s 2014 International Inspirational Card Deck Swap. Thanks for the inspiration!

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