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Monday Mindset: The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen

Art Card © Barbara and Rhys 2015

Art Card © Barbara and Rhys 2015

So sayeth Shakespeare. Now, many of you know I do not have a love for the works of William Shakespeare as evidenced by the fact I let my kids gloss right over his works in their homeschool high school English. I do, however, love me some Earth.

We live on a truly amazing planet and left alone without human intervention it is still a very musical place. Do you hear it? Birds tweeting, water running over rocks, the wind rustling the grass, flowers opening, bees buzzing, a chipmunk calling to its mate? Dragonfly wings, hummingbird wings, the sound of bare feet on sand? These are the things I hear when I listen to the Earth.

If you hear notifications of the latest tweet on your feed, a drunk pissing in the alley, the farting lady in front of you in the grocery store line – you aren’t listening to the Earth. You’re listening to all those human hang-ups that prevent us from nourishing experiences like forest bathing and basking in the positive ionic charge of the natural environment. The Earth has music for those who listen.

If you’re hearing the neighbor yell for their cat, the wings of helicopter parents fluttering around their children, the buzz of power lines and the click of heels on concrete – you are listening in the wrong places. These are the human trappings that keep you from truly hearing what the Earth has to say.

They don’t call the planet Mother Earth for nothing. There is much that is nurturing about the planet, and the natural flora and fauna upon it. These are things you can touch, feel, smell, see, taste and yes, hear if you want to.

You do not have to wait to see them in a museum, a Facebook feed such as Earth Porn, or read about them on your Kindle Fire. You simply have to listen, and then let your body follow the sounds.

April 22 is the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day. So, this week I want you to take a moment each day and just listen to the sounds of the Earth. See if you can feel it’s heartbeat under all the artificial sounds we’ve placed on it through our human habitation. Seek that which is natural – even if you have to go to a constructed park in your city to do it. The sounds are there even if they are dimmed by mankind’s footprint. Listen.

Make your footprint lighter this week by listening to the sounds of the Earth, and then dancing merrily to the music. Go with an open mind, and expect nothing. Appreciate everything that comes to your ears. The Earth has music for those who listen. Listen!


What is the Monday Mindset? I know a lot of people who hate Mondays. The day gets a bad rap as the start of the work week and is associated with the dread tasks of the daily grind. As I was sifting through the many artistic messages I’ve received in inspiration card deck swaps over the past year I realized that sitting in a box those lovely art cards don’t do anyone any good. Each Monday I will be sharing one with you, so that you can start the week in a positive head space, as well as a get a bit more insight into mine.

This post’s image is of an art card I received from Barbara and Rhys in New York as part of the February 2015 Positively Gellin’ Inspiration Card Deck Swap.

Want to join in the fun of swapping inspirational gelli print cards? Join us for the July 2015 Gelli Inspiration Card Deck Swap.

One comment on “Monday Mindset: The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen

  1. Loren
    November 15, 2015

    I’m a big fan of ‘earth music’. My house is sandwiched between a lake and a wetland pond that flows into the lake. The songs out here are incredible! Sadly, I get so busy with my life that I forget to stop and just listen; I start to take the songs for granted. There is a peace that fills my body and spirit when I just stop and breathe and listen. Thank you for reminding me to slow down and just listen. 😊


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