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Your Natural State Of Being Is Abundance – Monday Mindset #1, 2016

MM1 Abundance Is My Natural State of Being.jpgToday I want to introduce you to a concept that has served me well. It’s a simple statement, but it may be hard for you to accept. Your natural state of being is abundance.

What do you think of when you hear the word “abundance”? Most likely you think about having a lot of something – money, love, friends, a big house, car or boat? Living in abundance is so much more than that. When you are living in abundance, you are living in balance. You have that peaceful, easy feeling where nothing can get you down. You are centered and at touch with the core of what makes you, you. That is why your natural state of being is abundance.

The abundance mindset is a place where you have unlimited possibility. External concerns are manageable because you are at peace with what’s inside you. Abundance is a place of strength and stability.

It’s not about money, or love or having the best of things. Instead, abundance is a state of being where you believe in your potential and ability no material what challenges come your way, or what you have in terms of material goods. It is not about more, but about being enough.

If you’re thinking “I will never have an abundant life” it is time to change your thinking. Your belief patterns directly affect your state of being. If you believe that you lack, you cannot thrive. If you give in to the fear that you will never be enough, have enough, know enough, do enough – you simply won’t. Don’t stand in the way of your own success.

Abundance is a mindset that requires you to put everything all in. Your heart, your body, your mind, your soul are all connected to your abundance. When one goes out of balance fear can creep back in and you start a disbelief system where you doubt your abilities again. Abundance takes conscious effort and practice in that your action, thoughts, deeds and words need to become a living example of what abundance is.

Using affirmations is a simple way to imprint a thought pattern in your mind. Successful entrepreneurs and athletes often use vision boards or repeat mantras. Using words and visual reminds of your goals helps you to initiate and follow through on the steps to achieving them but first you must believe those goals are possible. You must believe in your abundance with all you’ve got.

Today I task you with this Monday Mindset- Keep the life energy beating. Let abundance flow. This is your natural state of being. Believe.

Intention for Abundance:

I intend abundance flow freely in my life. I intend abundant energy, health, wealth, vitality and well-being are my natural state. I am grateful for the abundance that I already have and the abundance that is on its way to me now.

Art Prompt:

Create a visual reminder of your abundance. Make it about what makes you feel centered and at peace. Write the intention on a piece of paper, or even a sticky note you can stick in the places that challenge your abundance.

Perhaps it is something like the photograph I had my son take of me to start off the new year, or an image like the one I created for this post. You may just need the simple word ABUNDANCE written on a doodle pad, but keep this word in your mind today and throughout the week.

Say the intention daily. Belief is about repetition and you can change your perspective to one of abundance by being mindful. This week connect with your natural state of being. What is that? Say it with me now: My natural state of being is abundance.

What Is The Monday Mindset?

Monday Mindset 2016 is a 52 week project designed to keep you in a positive head space, and reset your mental attitude before you move into the work week.

Each Monday Lauri will be sharing a visual prompt, and a few thoughts on the mindset for the week. I encourage you to share what you create in the comments, as well as in the public Facebook Monday Mindset Community.


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