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Life Book Lessons: 1: Grow Into Abundance

LIFEBOOK 2016 Lesson 1 Lauri Jean Crowe January 2016

Grow Into Abundance” is a mantra for the work and play I am experiencing as I embark on the year-long LIFE BOOK 2016 mixed media course. This was the result of my explorations of the first lesson where I was to create a Happy Traveler and spirit animals to guide me along my artistic journey.

I’ve been working a lot with forced turtle energy over the past year during my illness, and chose to actively embrace that energy in 2016. So, three turtle friends accompany my traveler reminding me to: see no, hear no and speak no evil about my own work. In other words, stop judging it and just experience the joy in doing.

The female, like all the women I draw represents parts of me that are stuck, and that are evolving. Change is the only true constant, and the wings aren’t angelic, but to remind me that we can take flight and leave things that no longer suit us and soothe our souls.

The rest is all about playing with texture, and shape and my need to fill space. Spirals have always held a scared place for me and they are often somewhere in the art I create.

I’ve given myself a few goals to expand my reach as an artist as I head into the lessons:
• Be open to learning
• Work in horizontal format
• Explore new color combinations
• Explore layers, whether implied or tactile
• Post every Wednesday to share what I have created
• Explore new techniques instead of relying on my tried and true ones

Grow Into Abundance was created on 11 x 14 Bristol using a variety of acrylic, ink, pen, stencil and water wash techniques. Right now the original is not for sale, but if you really adore it you can purchase this piece as a print through Fine Art America as a print or greeting card.

If you want to join me in exploring the wonderful mixed media lessons from some of the coolest artists you will ever get to know there is still time to join LIFE BOOK 2016.


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