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Monday Mindset #3: Appreciate Yourself and Honor Your Soul

Appreciate Yourself And Honor Your Soul 72 vropLast week I spoke about how to find your center and about  sometimes it is necessary to lose balance in the moment, to gain it in life. This week I would like you to appreciate yourself and honor your soul. You can be as stable and balanced as you like, but that won’t manifest in the world unless you are truly listening to your soul, appreciating what that core of you has to say, and allowing the abundance it manifests into the world to shine.

There are many ways that we can appreciate ourselves. It is about taking the time to stop and think about what is truly needed to make us feel good, and whole and safe in our world. For some appreciation comes in the form of a manicure or a pedicure (I have never had one professionally done). For others it is a cup of tea each morning, or your yoga practice. For others it is allowing yourself the freedom to spend an hour creating each day and for others it is giving yourself permission to pursue a creative life instead of a nine to five career working for someone else.

What all of these things have in common is the ability to listen so that you can satisfy a need. We all have needs. Often they remain silent. I want you to listen so clearly that you can hear that whisper inside you that is afraid to speak any louder. Find that part of you that remains hidden, dissatisfied and years for something different and give it to yourself this week. Grow into abundance.

Today I task you with this Monday Mindset – Appreciate yourself and honor your soul.

The image in this picture is part of a card that was created for Jessica Brogan’s 2016 International Card Swap using my own gelli prints, torn paper collage and found words form my Yogi tea. I hope that wherever it lands when it reaches its new home that it satisfies a need for the recipient. It could be you – that’s right you can still get in on the fun and join this inspirational card swap.

Appreciate Yourself And Honor Your Soul 72 copy

Intention for Honoring the Soul:

I intend my soul be heard. I listen with appreciation to what my spirit needs. I feel the pulse of my heart, my soul, my body, and my mind beating as one. I am in tune with myself and I appreciate myself. I am connected to the Universe and I am grateful for my place in it. Today I let my soul light shine.

Art Prompt:

Sit with a pen and paper, a brush and canvas, whatever tools you find easiest to create with. Then spend 10 minutes just expressing whatever you feel when you listen to your soul. Let it flow, and do not judge. Use words, images or whatever comes to you in this 10 minute time frame. Let it be just about pleasing yourself and listening to the inner wisdom that you haven’t tapped in a while. Honor whatever message comes out.

If the end result doesn’t immediately make sense, that’s okay. However, whatever did come out needed to and you may want to contemplate it throughout the week.

Say the intention daily. Belief is about repetition and you can change your perspective to one of abundance by being mindful. Honoring your soul and appreciating yourself are ways that your abundance grows. This week connect with soul. What is it saying to you? Say it with me now: I intend my soul be head. I listen with appreciation to what my spirit needs.

What Is The Monday Mindset?

Monday Mindset 2016 is a 52 week project designed to keep you in a positive head space, and reset your mental attitude before you move into the work week.

Each Monday Lauri will be sharing a visual prompt and a few thoughts on the mindset for the week. I encourage you to share what you create in the comments, as well as in the public Facebook Monday Mindset Community.

2 comments on “Monday Mindset #3: Appreciate Yourself and Honor Your Soul

  1. Jess
    January 18, 2016

    You are a wise woman!


  2. Lauri Jean Crowe
    January 20, 2016

    Thanks, Jess.


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