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2016 Colors Exchange – redditgifts

Reddit Gifts Colors

My send to partner for this online exchange was wigmama33. Her colors were “peacock” = blues, purples and greens. The person I send to is not the person who sends to me. To see what I received in this swap check out this post.

I don’t know what wigmama33  will think of it, but I liked the way my ACEO painting created a strong warrior woman image in the center of this layout with her peacock feather tribal headdress. It looked so cool on my studio wall I seriously considered keeping it myself. My URL is not on the piece I sent her.

I also created a glittery peacock feather eye necklace for her. It reminds me of a Japanese enso, something I have been exploring in my meditative painting practice.

reddit gifts send 2

As art is subjective, I sent her some random baubles as well. Some glittery purple pencils, three magnets I made with gelli prints and text that say “live, laugh, love” and colorful Mardi Gras style beads in purple, green and blue.

reddit gifts send 1 copy

I had initially planned on including some bubbles, but they did not fit well with the packaging so I decided they would be a gift to myself. I admit to enjoying the practice of meditating on bubbles. It is a great way to relax and embrace play.



2 comments on “2016 Colors Exchange – redditgifts

  1. Kim Minter
    March 7, 2016

    I absolutely LOVE the artwork that you created for me. I was seriously blown away. I’m constantly on the hunt for signed artwork so to have something not only sent to me signed but actually created for me is mind blowing! I’m honestly honored. Thank you so much


    • Lauri Jean Crowe
      March 7, 2016

      I am so happy that you liked the art. Art is such a personal thing and only knowing colors it was a roll of the dice. Glad it was a win!!


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