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#Soulfulfaces Day 8: Monochrome

SoulfulFaces Day 8 Monochrone 72 Lauri Jean Crowe

Thanks to my niece Emily I was able to try some sweet walnut ink this past year and I fell in love with the colors.  Her Christmas gift to me has been used often and even with my nut allergy I am able to use the walnut ink without issue, so of course, I needed to get more when I ran out.  I decided when it came for the #soulfulfaces day 8 challenge that it would be perfect to play with for a Monochrome affect. You can learn more about the Galia Alena and Soulful Faces by visiting her blog.

I had Tom Norton Designs liquid walnut ink made from real walnut husks and applied multiple coats, as well as thinned a few with water to achieve the colors and hues on this face. It was many different applications and taught me a lot about patience. I like that this product  dries quickly and allowed me to do multiple coats for richer tones without lifting the color I had already laid down. each layer just kept adding deeper hues and the actual piece is more reflective than this scan shows.

Painting this soulful face also taught me that I would love to try some Walnut Crystals  from Tsukineko so that I can customize my saturation right from the start in the future. I have never tried the walnut crystals, but apparently you just add hot water and mix similar to instant coffee, but personally I would not drink it!! I am also wondering what these walnut crystals would do in terms of utilizing alcohol instead of water to create rich brown and earthy yellow tones for use on yupo or porcelain tiles.

I used a variety of brushes and even a Q-tip to create this piece, and the substrate is Strathmore watercolor paper. 140 lb cold press holds up well to multiple layers of inks and is a go-to paper for me. It is affordable paper that I have found to hold up to a variety of inks, watercolor, acrylic as well as adhesives and mixed media techniques over the years.




Full disclosure: some links go to Amazon products and I get a lil’ bit of cha-ching if you purchase through them. It’s a simple way you can support my ongoing artistic pursuits with products that can help you embrace your own creative genius.



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