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L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Is Made of Awesome Sauce

Where My L'Oreal Lives

So I recently was gifted with an awesome sample of L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care Extraordinary Oil products through Crowdtap. They take me to a happy place. Many of you have followed my hair journey over the past couple years where I shaved my head and went natural and then let it continue to grow. You might remember these photos:

Lauri Hairvolution

Over the past year with my autoimmune illnesses going out of control to the point I had to stop working my hair has suffered. It became dry, brittle and I thought I was going to have to cut off all that natural goodness I had grown out because all I was doing every day was shoving it back into a ponytail holder, or covering it with a bandana.

I put a call out to my tribe on Facebook to try to find a solution. I prefer natural products without fillers and dyes and had tried coconut oil masks, essential oils and even the DoTerra line of shampoo and conditioner which was the best I could find bust still left me with breaking hair, dry locks by the next day and messy frizz and tangles despite the higher price point of the DoTerra (and I am an DoTerra affiliate, so you know I wouldn’t tell you that L’Oreal is made of awesomesauce if it wasn’t). L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil line is amazeballs! Check out my before and afters. Not only did it tame the frizz, but it also nourished my hair so the next morning all I needed was a quick brush and I was good to go – no ponytail or bandana needed to have a good hair day!

So, now insteaLoreal Extraordinary Oil Before And After Shotsd of chopping off that lovely mane I have grown over the past few years I am letting it to continue to grow. I haven’t colored it, but am considering it.That white stripe down the back isn’t my favorite thing, but I have earned it.

I am going to get a trim now that I can see how soft and smooth and sleek it can look with a product that works for my aging hair. In all honestly I probably did not need to use the Serum Oil Treatment after the shampoo and condition because one wash did a fabulous job, but it did add some nice bright shine that picked up the light something awesome. So, I will keep that around, if my kiddo doesn’t use it up. The 16 year old who shall not be named is also growing his hair out and has locks much more lush than mine at this point. He took one whiff and one look at my hair and said, “Can I use it?”. Absolutely.

The one thing that my mind is struggling with is the commerical dyes in the product. I avoid products with Yellow 5 like the plague. However, I think that the results and how it makes me feel – weightless, nourished and stress free – may outweigh that concern in this case since I am so careful to avoid artificial dyes and colorants in other products. Life is about balance, and L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil tipped them in my favor at this point in time and I am so very happy about that because I have to admit that after years of short hair I really do kind of like my hair long, flowing and natural. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

CrowdKit Loreal April 11 2016Local peeps, we did spot this system at Walmart and Target. However, if you want a marvelous package of hair awesomeness to arrive at your door without having to leave the house on a bad hair day, please purchase the products via Amazon which will send me a little love too:



Serum Oil Treatment




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