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Update: L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Absolutely Is A Must Have Hair Care Routine

Shower FaceLast week I talked about L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil and had the opportunity to hang out with my Aunt Terri while she painted at my mom’s house. At that time she mentioned how goofy my pictures are. I am good at goofy. What I am not very good at is being girly. So, I had this photo snapped with my Aunt in mind and I hope it brings you all a bit of humor today but I also wanted to update you with a post about L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil and my #crowdtap #sponsored trial of the product. Here’s what I found:

Once other people like your son and your mom try out the product, you may have to hunt it down in their bathrooms. Not only does it hold up to repeated use, but it lathers well with just a small pea sized amount even on my long hair, it smells fabulous and offers lasting results.

Usually I wash and condition my hair every day because otherwise I look like a wild woman with frizz, and the product is designed for daily use. However, all three of us found we could go three days with fabulous looking, shiny, soft hair with minimal styling (a quick comb or brush or touch up with the serum for stray hairs) after using the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo, Conditioning before we felt the need to wash our hair. For me this is HUGE in terms of results. I still showered daily, I just didn’t have to bother with hair care beyond a quick brush and the serum to catch a few strays and I still had pretty hair that got compliments when I was out and made me feel beautiful.

I have used the shampoo since then daily to see what sort of results would happen. Something else WONDERFUL is occurring. It seems that the shampoo and conditioner are actually lifting out the yucky red tannins and iron deposits from my hair. Our well water is very laden with minerals requiring a two-step fancy filtering process before you don’t look like you are bathing in tea or beer. Even so, those deposits have altered my haircolor over time and now since using L’Oreal the past week I am seeing my natural blondes pop through and other people have actually asked me if I colored or lightened my hair.

I am not sure what ramification this would have for people with intentionally colored hair, but I know it is removing buildup in mine that Malibu treatments and other iron and brass removal products have not done in over 15 years. I LOVE this because although the red headed tinge suits my bold personality it always was an annoyance because I couldn’t get rid of it even when I wanted to. So if you struggle with well water, this may be an potential product you can try to remove buildup that is both cost effective and has many other benefits.

End result, my family will stock up on this product so I don’t have to keep hunting it down in my son’s bathroom and we can continue to have amazing hair. It’s actually started a list of my favorite products on Pinterest and I am sending a lot of LOVE out into the Universe for L’Oreal whose other products I am more likely to try now that I have found how effective this nourishing, conditioning and shining hair system is at taming my ever growing mop of forty-something hair.

Where My L'Oreal LivesWant to know my original thoughts? Read: L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Is Made of Awesomesauce

You can purchase the products via Amazon which will send me a little love too:



Serum Oil Treatment

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