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Drinking Odin’s Koolaid – Day 2 of #100DayProject

Milestone 2 of 100 Lauri Jean Crowe.jpgFor years I studied Norse mythology and Teutonic Religion and still count many who follow the Ásatrú path among my friends. One bit of lore that always stuck with me was about Odin’s eye and I have been thinking about it a lot of late as I struggle with my own vision, often having to be one eyed in order to see clearly at all. So today when I worked on day 2 of my #100daychallenge I had Odin in mind, as I see the rune Ansuz in the natural markings on the white quartz collected from my walks and it is often touted as Odin’s rune.

In legend, Odin visits Mimir’s Well or the Well of Urd depending on which lore you follow. This well is found at the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree. There Odin is seeking knowledge and wishes to drink from the well which is said to have been the source of cosmic knowledge. The well’s guardian asks for an eye in return for the drink. It is unclear in the lore how long it was before Odin popped out his eye and dropped in in the well, but is the pivotal moment he became known as the one-eyed-God. He then drank from the well.

Now Odin is no stranger to sacrifice, so an eye must have seemed like a small bit to offer up in return for cosmic knowledge. In other tales this Norse God hangs himself, wounds himself with a spear and fasts for days to attain wisdom, gain knowledge and better understand the mysteries of life. Me, I walk even when it’s raining and I am tired and I sculpt to keep my hands working and I meditate in these actions, reveling in the joys of being able to do even when my vision fails me and I find it hard to see the big picture. Enjoying it even more when I realize I have been in flow, like water, and was no longer thinking but simply experiencing joy and peace.

Ansuz is said to correspond with signals, inspiration, true vision and good health. All things I pay attention to and seek like Odin sought his knowledge. It seemed appropriate to place my collected milestone above the face as a luminous crown chakra positioned bit of detail, connecting with cosmic consciousness. After all, it was really too big to add in as a third eye and on my best days I seem to only have one lately.

This milestone pendant for me was not about gaining more knowledge, or even about becoming like deity. It was first about thinking about sacrifices I have had to make and then what really matters in life. There is no intellectual knowing at the level of seventh chakra there is simply serenity, joy, and deep peace about life – connection. There is no need to see with either the powers of a mere human, or the omnipresence of a God, because when you reside in the crown chakra space you can simply just be.

I’d have to be blinder than a one-eyed-God to recognize that I am happier living in that space. May you also drink from that well.

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