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Do Not Let Them Dull Your Shine

"Do Not Let Them Dull Your Shine" copyright 2016 Lauri Jean Crowe - original fine art gelli print ink illustrationI allow myself to shine. There are times when the Universe and everyone around me is working to dim that inner light that makes me feel all warm and satisfied. That internal beacon that tells me that I am on the correct path and illuminates the way forward is sometimes hard to find when the naysayers hit, but do not let them dull your shine.

When I first began my journey toward optimal health, and went gluten free, dairy free and began eating differently people tried to dim my light. They did this by purposely placing temptations in my path and preying on my weaknesses, by saying words that were disparaging or giving a glance that said “you will never get healthy” or flat out told me that I was wasting my time. So, I started to weed out those who never do well, and found a new FIT family of friends who support my lifestyle.

Join Forces to Create a Brighter World

When people see your light some will want to add their own brilliance so that you can both shine brighter. These are the people you want to surround yourself with. They are the visionaries, the luminaries, the bright spots that love and give and share their unique, positive outlook on life and use their light to brighten the dark corners in a room rather than shine it in your eyes until it blinds you.

Cultivate Your Own Eternal Flame

The thing is, when you stare into the light it can blind you. That’s why it is important to surround yourself with people whose light you can add to rather than just bathe in their light and try to absorb it. Don’t be a psychic vampire. Don’t try to drain them, instead cultivate your own flame. The fire that dances in your eyes is much different than the one that you let travel over your skin. Own it.

Be a Lifelong Candle, Not a MagLite

Once you own your inner light, and you are beaming it out into the world you have to realize that not everyone will want to feel it. There are people who like the dark. They have embraced their shadow selves. You can be a beacon, but shoving your light in their face like a high-powered MagLite is just going to force them further away from your truth and the message you are trying to share. Soft, gentle, steady light can be much more powerful than a brilliant burst that explodes like a star. The latter might be pretty, but still results in a death of something beautiful.

Your Light Is Not For Everyone

Don’t kill your light by spreading it thin. When you allow yourself to truly shine, to embrace your best you, the way you feel inside changes. It feels good. You naturally want others to feel this way, but remember you did not come into your light immediately. It’s more likely it was a long process of self-discovery until one day you were simply glowing. Even if your instinct is to share that glow with everyone you meet so they can feel fantastic too, you need to realize that you do not need to give that light to everyone. It’s special and precious and unique like you and while some will covet it, they may not be worthy of its warmth.

Trust Your Light to Show You the Way

Once you capture that illusive light within, and yes, it has always been there waiting, you need to nurture it. My light has shone and blinked out many times in my wellness journey. Like anything else, if you don’t feed the flame it eventually dies out. However, it just takes one breathe of oxygen to revive a smoldering flame. Breathe deep my friends, inhale your strength and breathe out that light. It will show you the way to a better life, a warmer life, and a clearer path if you just trust it rather than the voices of others who want to dull your shine. Do not let them dull your shine.

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