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You Are Not Their Labels

You Are Not Their Labels copyright 2016 Lauri Jean Crowe - fine art gelli print inspirational quoteHumans love to label, categorize, count and quantify. The problem with this is that you can end up with labels that stick with you, but only describe a very small part of your whole being. Sometimes those labels can hurt us by creating a victim mentality. It is important to remember you are not their labels. Don’t let other people label you into a box. Decide who you want to be, hold that vision firm in your mind and then set goals to achieve it, labelling yourself as you need to along the way to be empowered.

As someone who has dealt with autoimmune challenges since the age of 12, I understand how a name for something can be helpful in dealing with it. If you can name it, you can understand it better. However, when it comes to mental health having a label like chronic illness or morbidly obese can by its very nature create a negative impact by making life seem hopeless. It’s important to shift those labels in order to shift your mindset to one where you can heal and expand your limitations.

Undo the Un’s in Your Life

Regardless of what labels have been given to you by others, whether they are family, friends or physician’s words, be sure that they don’t become your undoing. You see, when people tell you that you are unfit, unhealthy, or unable to do something because of a diagnosis or some pre-conceived standardized barrier it sets up a block to getting better. You cannot achieve health if you start from a place of “I can’t do that”. So, believe in yourself, your body’s ability to heal, and with persistence and by putting in the work you can get to a more optimal state of wellbeing no matter what label underlies your current condition.

Rephrase To Amaze

How we talk about our health matters. There are those who count their blessings, and those who count their worries, woes and struggles. This isn’t surprising since we love to label, categorize, count and quantify. However, what happens when you count things? They grow in number. Wouldn’t you rather have your blessings grow rather than your challenges grow? Nourish the seeds of the blessings in your life, spread them by sharing them with others and watch the change happen. This simple mind shift once it occurs is an amazing path to abundance in your life.

Change Takes Time

It took me a long time to think about my chronic illness as a blessing. I still work on this daily. Now I do my best to remember to share that I was able to walk a mile without falling rather than focusing on the fact that it took me two hours with multiple stops. Rather than weight loss, I think in terms of health gains. You will falter, but when you start changing the ways you think about your labels, you will see change in your body, your mind, your spirit and your heart will be open to possibility again that you CAN do more.
Remember that many factors led up to where you are today and the labels you have. Just like it may have taken you a while to get a diagnosis or name for what challenge you are facing, it will take time to think about it objectively and act in a positive manner. Change does take time, but the only thing in your life that is permanent is change. Embrace it and make it work for you.

Abundance Is Your Natural State of Being

If you want to embrace a label, embrace your abundant self. Let that natural instinct to count and quantify and label work for you by defining the things in your life that are plentiful and good. A simple exercise that I do from time to time is to write down what I am grateful for in my life.

My legs often go numb and are in searing pain which makes it difficult to drive. Depressing, isn’t it? It could be very much so if I dwelt in that dark space. Instead, I choose to focus on the fact that even though I have peripheral neuropathy and it can be a challenge that I am grateful it has given me time with my son, who walks with me most days and I am thankful for that time where we have wonderful conversations that we would have missed out on had I been otherwise occupied. My illness gave me that precious space.

Allow Yourself to Create Space for Change

If you look, every challenge you face has an upside and you have abundance in places you are likely overlooking and taking for granted. A daily gratitude practice can help you connect with the positive labels in your life and get you to a place where you count your blessings. One simple way to do this is to write down one thing you are thankful for in your life. Do it for a week, 30 days, or an entire year. A regular practice of gratefulness can help you to reshape the way you think about the labels life has given you.

If you want to really challenge yourself and get to the core of changing up their labels into your triumphs, take on what you dislike most in your life and find a reason that you are thankful for it. Then share that with someone you love and trust so create a supportive network to reinforce your change of mindset. Create your tribe who can help nurture you when you falter and fall back into a victim mentality.

You are not their labels – so stop calling yourself those names. Don’t let other people label you into a defined space where it seems like there is no room for change. Decide who you want to be, hold that vision firm in your mind and then set goals to achieve it, labelling yourself as you need to along the way to be empowered.

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