Lauri Jean Crowe

Artist, Writer, Woman, Mother, Healer, Teacher, Biohacker, Gardener, Friend, Entrepreneur

FAST #INKtober 2016

Oct 1 Fast Inktober.jpg

As she wandered in the dark, hungry, she knew this vision would serve her if she could only find it. Body broken, hair shoved off her face quickly, for function, she was glad to be far from reflective pools of water. In the distance she heard a hop, hop, hop. It did not frighten her, felt like a heartbeat, a wish. Empty sockets need to be filled.

In a small patch of moonlight she saw him. Crouched low, her face hurt as years of stone broke into a new rise. She met the earth, hand outstretched, feet on balls still ready to run. Hop, hop, hop. Fluttering of wings, sweat pooling into parched skin they did a silent dance. Yes, this vision would serve her well. Her fast was over.

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