Lauri Jean Crowe

Artist, Writer, Woman, Mother, Healer, Teacher, Biohacker, Gardener, Friend, Entrepreneur

LOST #INKtober 2016


Lost in the white space she feels …Nothing. Trembling lips disappear along with her spirit. Clenched fingers pull at her face. Nothing. Feet laden with clay try to step and falter, unable to go forward. Around her is everything and nothing. There is no comfort here just immense pressure while dark matter explodes. The wind, tornado fierce, twists her this way and that.

She  fights to stand, blind, alone. Skirts tangling her resolve she stops…Nothing. Let’s it flow. Tears muddy her face turning hair into wet whips lancing tired flesh. She becomes numb to the pull as her features materialize. A ghost of a feeling starts. It is pain. It is fear. It is not Nothing. A universe is born, bright with color and sound. She is the center. All is not lost but some days she wishes for the white.

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