Lauri Jean Crowe

Artist, Writer, Woman, Mother, Healer, Teacher, Biohacker, Gardener, Friend, Entrepreneur

ROCK #INKtober 2016


Whispers on the water speak to her. Vessels leaving port, love lost in waves. Her skin ripples with echoes of emotion she is yet to feel. The hard truth of the rock beneath her pokes sharp in the softest places. Her tears fall in pools where starfish swim. She seeks the warmth of Father Sun, only finding cold Mother Ocean.

Rattling in her ribcage, the large stone rises, falls, rises, falls, lifting on the breeze like seagulls crushing crabs on rock. Innocence is gone with a thrust of water on sand, so fragile, so easily taken out to sea. She sits alone remembering his soft words, whispers crashing over her, turning her to water, rippling into waves.

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