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Day 3: 30 Days of Selfies: Dare to Dream


Her mind sinks back to summer, cool waters, warm muscles, dragonflies landing on her sun kissed shoulders. She is liquid, free, her spirit soars as happy as a fish in clean water. Her spine flexes, extends, and there is no pain. This moment is nirvana. Barriers slide off her skin like water on mermaid scales, sleek and silent cutting through limitations. She feels capable of doing everything, being everything. She simply is, and that is enough Fortune shines in brilliant gold streaks, lighting her hair, warming deep into bone. The fire is cooled, transformed, becomes a soft wave of purpose and intent. She rises from beneath the surface of memory, breathes, and gently floats on the surface expressing content as her body relaxes and her mind follows her soul into joy. She knows dreams become reality when you believe.

I have difficulty walking on land. My legs give out without warning, my left foot drags and some days I can’t feel either leg at all. I must use a cane or walking stick for safety. In water, I feel free. Even if my legs are screaming like a million fire ants from my peripheral neuropathy, water soothes the fire; I can move more readily and keep my muscles functional. Fortunately, with medication shifts this has become less of a need but it is still a need.

dd-abaloneIn the water I am able to work my arms for multiple reps, my legs to exhaustion, my core to strength. I can work longer, harder, better. My breath goes further, comes freer. On land I am bound by gravity and joints and musculoskeletal structures that scream in protest. However, autumn is upon us and Michigan is not friendly to outdoor above ground pools. I miss the buoyancy of water. I don’t feel as accomplished on land. I feel bound and trapped and starved of oxygen. I shed more water in tears of frustration.

dragonfly-dreams-long“Dragonfly Dreams” was created with one purpose: to capture that freedom, that joy and weightlessness I feel when in the water into a wearable art piece. It actually turned out a bit heavy, reminding the wearer that even with the most beautiful wings the lightness of being is just a state of mind, an illusion – one we should embrace and capture and hold dear. All in all, I consider the piece a success.

Me, I’m still a work in progress, dreaming my reality with each day that breaks and not allowing the challenges I face to break me. I have patience. I have persistence. I can dream of my happy place, recall the muscle memory of summer or imagine a life on the ocean where warm breezes grace my sun kissed skin year round instead of leaving me a pale marshmallow starved of Vitamin D thanks to geography. A girl can dream. I began Dragonfly Dreams in August, and completed the piece on Samhain. Seasons come and go but I remain, open year round to possibility.


“Dragonfly Dreams” is available for purchase. Please use the contact form if you are interested in receiving this small piece of my world to embellish yours. Thank you.


Made with: Love, moonstone, rudrashka, 14K gold dust, hand dyed fish vertebrae, turquoise, vintage glass, seed beads, yak bone, hand dyed polymer clay, and mixed metals including copper and brass.

Size: Endless loop approximately 26”, no clasp. Focal bead is roughly 2” tall by 1.5” wide and 1/2” thick.

Things I Love:

I have had my Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells for at least five years now and they have held up very well. This year, they are finally starting to show some wear that has me thinking I may need to invest in a new pair soon. They allow me to work a variety of muscle groups, have an wide hand space and nice gripping surface.

speedo-barbellsThe Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells dry quickly, don’t seem to have a problem with degradation even if you forget and ahem, leave them in the chlorinated water for a few days and hold up well to multiple users including young kids and older adults. I’ve tried others with less positive results, and this will be my brand for life, so let’s hope Speedo never stops making them as I don’t plan on stopping my water exercise as long as I can take in breath.

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