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Day 6: 30 Days of Selfies: Explore Laughter

NOV 6 30 days of Selfies EXPLORE LAUGHTER.jpg

She starts to fade, skin paling, turning to grey. Not the warm, soft hues of soft dove feathers, but the cold death of ash after fire has long grown cold, ready for dust. She tosses and turns, itching to be out of her skin. Then the shaking begins… fits of it.

The slow rumble is deep. It feels alien, what is this tremor? The foods revolt yet again? No, this is different. It builds, bouncing about her diaphragm, waiting to be set free. She feels as if she will heave. It hits her ribcage, bubbling up like fermented spirits. Her face becomes red, lips turning pinker, breath coming in short gasps and suddenly she snorts releasing the pressure. Ah, that’s it, laughter, and she lets it rage into the night madly cackling to the winds.

The power of laughter is something that has turned more than one trial into triumph in my battle with chronic illness. I have been known to begin laughing at what others would find inappropriate times because, well, life strikes me funny. Sometimes things are just so unbelievable they become ridiculous and that is refreshing.

For example, you have made it down the stairs to your studio / office space. You got in a full fifteen minutes of writing and are feeling really accomplished when suddenly your bladder is shrieking at you with no prior warning. It’s go time. You grab your cane and wobble, hobble, run to the downstairs toilet while unbuttoning your pants only to find the toilet clogged. You realize the plunger is upstairs. As you are squatting in the shower relieving yourself you begin fully belly laughing and tears stream down your face.

Yes, you are pissing in the shower and that’s going to be a mess you have to clean up, but your pants will remain dry today and you are thrilled that you actually had the sensation awareness that you needed to void this time before you were wet. It may seem funny to you, but to me it is a different kind of laughter – that filled with a small amount of joy and yeah, accomplishment. Laughter heals. It keeps you from fading.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, watch the Robin Williams film Patch Adams, or go to the source and read the book the film is based on Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter. (Both are available at Amazon and send a little affiliate love my way.)

Explore Mini Book.jpg

Things I Love:

I truly enjoy making mini bits of art and exchanging art with other creatives. In 2017 I plan to reinvigorate some life into making mini books again. Mini books are something I can create with my collection of inspirational ATC to give them added meaning and purpose in my world and also help me improve and maintain my hand eye coordination skills.

explore-inside-of-bookThis mini book was created for a swap with a friend. I don’t want to say who because she doesn’t know it is hers yet. However I know she loves my gelli printed papers so I sifted through my scrap bin and came up with this fun way to make an eight page ATC sized 2.5” x 3.5” pocket book that can also hold mini messages. I embellished it with yarn and beads and baubles.

If you would like to learn how to make this style mini ATC sized book be sure to contact me and fill in this form to be one of the first talented people to sign up for the Tribe – a creative venture I am launching with a couple of really talented friends.

explore-book-cardsWe’re still pretty hush hush about the The A-Mused Tribe, but it’s a free offering that my beloved creative makers and I have put together to share our mixed media adventures and will include group projects, blog hops, tutorials, swaps and free giveaways. Sign up for an invite here.

We will begin inviting  members in December and we would love for you to  join the community we’re building. More details to come, but I thought I would give a brief teaser for those loyal readers who want to be part of sharing the joy of art in a new group sure to be full of laughter.

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