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Day 9: 30 Days of Selfies: Trumped

Nov 9 Selfie Trumped.jpgDear President Elect Trump –

I hope you will surprise me and rise up and “seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict” and “unify our great country” but actions speak louder than the words of a well-written speech by a writer able to make something from nothing. It is time for you to act better, choose more wisely, and fan that tiny flame of hope into an America I can be proud to call home – a place where I, my children, and all those we call family regardless of blood, skin color, religious, gender or sexual preference can thrive and live and succeed with dignity and respect. That is your job, and you are failing before you even begin.

Thank you for showing my children exactly what it means to behave badly. Thank you for offering them lessons in how not to treat a woman. Thank you for proving to them that regardless of how well-educated, how powerful, or how financially wealthy you are, we are all human and make mighty mistakes, often repeatedly. Thank you for teaching them that despite all this, America as a nation is forgiving. However, forgiveness is an intentional and voluntary process and you haven’t earned mine yet.

In your acceptance speech you asked for guidance from those who chose not to support you. My vote came down to one simple question and I will admit it was selfish. I didn’t give a damn about the greater good when I cast it. I’m not a politician so I don’t have to make those tough decisions for everyone or be diplomatic in  my language. Those are freedoms you have chosen to release in accepting the mantle that you now wear. You have to think about all of us now. We all bleed red whether from a war wound or a vagina in child birth, or a paper cut. Some wounds run deeper than others.

As a parent, my driving and deciding factor is my children. The fact that I am a mother took every other campaign promise, scandal, and all of the he said, she said bullshit off the table. That you were not the better candidate was as transparent as Melania’s Diamonds, but life is not an SNL Sketch.  You’ve said, “I will harness the creative talents of our people.” Maybe by harness you mean control rather than nurture and put to good use. Words, and images,  can be tricky things, but I am not easily fooled.

My children are very creative, and bright and talented. Yet your actions say you would dismiss them with a wildly insulting flap of your hands and your lips, choosing to see only their different abilities rather than actually listening to the insightful solutions they have to contribute to our world. It only took me one economically raised finger to dismiss you, but some actions are based solely on emotion. I can afford to be outraged while you have been tasked to behave logically for an entire nation. You must represent us with the care of a parent looking into the eyes of a child and answering the question, “Why?”” when the shit hits the fan and know that the answer will shape future generations.

I hope you will surprise me. I really do. You are now the caretaker of Americans who share many different ways of being, who will not be your mirror image, and who will not be easily shackled or silenced. You cannot be glib with your words and actions, dismissing entire groups in our nation simply because they don’t fit a bright white, healthy, privileged, heterosexual, affluent cookie cutter mold.

You can no longer cater to just a small fraction of the individuals who make up this great country. We are called a melting pot for a reason, so pick up a spoon and start tasting what this country has to offer. Your current fare is far too limited.

Many people awoke this morning feeling hopeless and that America is lost. I woke with a bit of vomit in my mouth and feeling a disturbance in the Force. However, I remain hopeful that you will reach deep and find a humanity we haven’t seen from you before. I hope this office changes you for the better, opens your eyes and mind to new perspectives and that our country can survive the days to come without further fracturing. I hope you really do listen and seek guidance from those who have opposed you, people with better ideas than me. I hope I can get this bitter taste out of my mouth with time.

I hope you do rise up and “seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict” and unify our country that is now further divided. What has made other Presidents great is their ability to make the tough choices with compassion and understanding. You cannot be self-serving, that time is over. You must leave the land of Trump and come to America. You must encompass the masses in your decisions. This is indeed complicated business.

Respectfully take these next months until January 2017, when you are unharnessed, and shut the fuck up and listen, and learn. There are smarter people than you out there and they have much to offer. Recognize that there is need for change within you in order to find that common ground. I hope you surprise me, Mr. President Elect Trump, and you should know that I do not like surprises, but I do love being an American. I’d like a President I can be proud of and not one who needs my forgiveness. They say time heals all wounds, but it feels like America bleeding openly today.


View Trump’s Acceptance Speech, which I have quoted,  here.

2 comments on “Day 9: 30 Days of Selfies: Trumped

  1. Lisa Jones
    November 9, 2016

    Well said Lauri! xx


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