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Day 18: 30 Days of Selfies: Magical Thinking


Every day I drink from a copper cup. I’ve come to believe that it helps my eyesight. I do a lot of things that people think are crazy, things that could be called magical thinking. I’m cool with that. Maybe our world needs more magical thinking.

So, I put water into my two copper tumblers and I let it sit for a minimum of eight hours, often sixteen. Then I add in my witchy brew of vitamins and minerals and I drink it down every morning and every evening. Does it cure me? No. However, this ritual brings me peace and it makes me feel better. It could be what is known as the placebo effect, but the thing is there are measurable and appreciable improvements in my eye exams since I began drinking water from a copper cup. So I keep on doing it.

It doesn’t really matter to me why it works, just that it does. I didn’t even begin drinking from it for vision, but rather because someone suggested it as a help for digestive motility and peristalsis. Big words for, get the shit out more effectively. I know a lot in my body is toxic.

Drinking from a copper cup is the first thing that has hinted at restoration of my vision and if you have ever lost even a smidgen of yours, you might empathize. Before my copper cup miracle I often could not see at all out of my right eye and both eyes were blurred. Even on high dose prednisone the uveitis, vitreous debris, thick floaters and intermittent bleeds in both eyes were such that my sight was more often occluded than not. Now there are days when things actually are clear, clearer for hours and clearer than I ever recall and my left eye actually shows that improvement on the exams. Some days I still can’t see, but they are fewer and farther apart.

Strange but powerful and the reason my open minded ophthalmologist says “keep the copper cup”. Fortunately she comes from a culture where drinking from a copper cup is the norm rather than the oddity. She also shared some science that backs up the effect of copper on the eyes including how it affects collagen, which has long been an issue with me, the queen of connective tissue disorders – a kingdom no one wants to rule. I have become hopeful that this little ritual with start manifesting healing in other ways throughout my body as time unfolds.

Lissa Rankin has a great TED talk about Placebo and Nocebo effect. She talks about medical hexing in her articles, and how practitioners are unknowingly suggesting to patients that they will stay ill, or become ill through discussing potential side effects of treatments. Perhaps the secret to my healing is that I am simply highly suggestible and these doctors keep telling me that this is my status quo, this level of existence is what I must live with. Perhaps if I get out of the nocebo mindset and embrace the belief that comes with placebo and the wonder of things like copper cups I’ll experience my full miracle. Maybe I need someone to hand me those sugar pills with a wish and a prayer so my body can do what my mind is preventing it from doing.

The thing is, I am a skeptic. It is hard for me to have that suspension of disbelief. I am more comfortable in data, evidence based proofs, and things with a proven track record. Although I have studied dreams for years, believe in the vibrational energy of crystals and am well versed in divination decks, if  you tell me you are getting messages from God, the dead or talking to angels I may just suggest some mental health therapy because I think sometimes seeing another,  more science based perspective can help create a positive outcome to well being. This is how I have been trained to think in academia. However, it is only when I step outside that box that things improve.

So, I’m trying to think less and feel more.

Will this lead to madness? Will embracing magical thinking be that final piece of my puzzle in turning the tide back to health and wholeness? I don’t know, but in the meantime I am quite happy to be found lost in my cups.

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