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Day 29: 30 Days of Selfies: The Unguarded Moments

Face Upwards.jpgWe are made up of moments. The unguarded ones are the best. You really don’t get those on a blog, even with someone like me who wears her soul tattooed on digital interwebs for all to see. Life is edits and we humans seem to constantly want to crop, rotate and delete. It’s rare that we just let life happen, fully indulge in the moment with every bit of ourselves on display and let it be and let it be enough.

Today is about capturing that joy that you feel when you do, when you just immerse in the moment and experience all that is good in the world, not worrying about the edits. I woke up this morning, and it was the first in nearly two monthface-forwards where I could wash my hair without crying from pain. I slept six hours straight through the night and I could see out both eyes for a brief time. So I crept into my kids rooms careful not to wake them and looked upon their faces and locked in that vision.

Then I went outside, set the camera on sport and click, click, clicked and put it down not knowing what I got, but knowing it would be enough. I danced in my driveway and twirled with my cane, and smiled and laughed and made the most of the moment. I didn’t have to remind myself to breathe in, breathe out. I didn’t have to stop and edit, I didn’t want to delete – I felt like breathing in that unguarded moment – and the world rotated around me because for just a little while I shone brightly. I was the Sun.

Hari Down.jpgThings I Love:

The Church: The Unguarded Moment  and this video is a beautiful performance:

The Church remains one of my all-time favorite bands. In fact, when my son recently asked what music I would take with me if I had to listen to it every day for the rest of my life The Church was one of the first bands that came to mind. Something about their work soothes my soul, keeps my spirit light, warms my heart and just makes me want to dance no matter what else is going on in my life. Under the Milky Way and Of Skins and Heart are two of my top picks for albums, but if you want a great sampling of  The Church check out Deep in the Shallows (30th Anniversary Edition).

2 comments on “Day 29: 30 Days of Selfies: The Unguarded Moments

  1. ee00ee
    November 29, 2016

    What a wonderful day, what a wonderful sensation. YOU are the center of your own existence. Dance, sing, enjoy all the overlaps to other worlds and the individual beauty of your own.


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