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Love, Hope & Kindness

Dec 1 2016 Lauri Jean Crowe Blog Photo.jpg

I’m spending December going through my older works, and giving away free art in my 12 days of Winter Wonder promo as well as inking inspiration art cards for a card deck swap in January with the theme of Love, Hope and Kindness. This is my first effort in that challenge.

The larger piece it is laying on was done with washes of inks and acrylics earlier in the year. I’m not sure if I like it as is. I had considered it a work in progress, but the more I look at her the more I like the elusive quality. What do you think? Should I play with her more or leave her as she is in this moment?

Much of this month will be short and sweet as I focus on me in a less public way than my 30 days of Selfies project last month. I always tend to curl into myself through the Solstice and then unfurl refreshed and renewed. Good things are coming. I can feel it, and I will make it so. Part of that is showing my self a little love, and kindness so that hope can bloom anew with new goals and aspirations.

I will be having a surgical procedure on my neck mid-month, am switching to PT for my spine and leg to try to strengthen and eliminate these falls, and continue with my yoga and art as healing modalities. The launch of The A-Mused Tribe is set for January 2017 and we’ll begin adding founding members December 15. I’m happily swapping spoons with my fellow spoonless and spending time with family.

If you see weirdness happening here on the blog every once in a while it’s because I am revamping the space. Good things are coming in 2017 and I am not sure yet what face this space will wear, but I know it will be, like me, present and authentic as I can make it.

As you head into this time of holiday cheer, or holiday stress, whatever your life situation may be take a little time for yourself. Practice the pause and show yourself a little love and kindness and let hope float. It may land you in wonderful places.

Things I Love: Murder City Devils: I Drink The Wine – I listened to this while inking the first attempt at a love, hope and kindness themed inspiration card that you see in the pic.

I drew and painted the art card on 90lb watercolor paper using

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