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Bad Medicine: Standing Rock Pipeline

bad-medicine-hope-love-kindnessI am not a member of the Sioux tribe, but I am human. As I watch the travesty play out at and around Standing Rock Sioux Reservation all I can think is that there is a lot of bad medicine happening in American today. I don’t have to share a path or blood to empathize and hope for a positive resolution to an ugly truth.

I cannot speak to the horrors of being crop dusted, sprayed with water in chilling temperatures or having to worry about my ancestors grave’s being disturbed but I do understand, living this close to Flint, Michigan, the horrors of worrying about your children’s ability to have fresh, clean, life giving water.

I will not travel to Standing Rock like my cousin Tori, or the many US Veterans and activists from around the world but I can bear witness here with my thoughts on what is happening, and my intense hope that love and kindness will not just be a dream for this situtation, but that we catch hold of our humanity before it continues to slide down this slippery hope like a nightmare playing out before us, drowning us in muck and sludge and greed. Something must change.

Remember, it isn’t about what you cannot do, will not do, are not a part of – but what you choose to place your energy into. I choose hope, love and kindess. What do you choose?

Bad Medicine

We cannot stand for this rape any longer.
This violent act of penetration must cease –
This plunging downward,
Hard man made tools coring dry earth
Which does not wish to bear your fruit for profit.

We release our water so we may protect it.
The gun bearers, the word slingers –
They did not know they held this vow sacred
Did not consider themselves mighty.
With us they stand, faces streaked with tears.

We must come together as one people
The dead must stay buried, not shaken and stirred –
Parched bones rattling like coins in your pocket
Dismissed and disturbed. Hear the women weeping
While buffalo stampede in confusion.

We cannot sit and watch the poison spread.
This televised reality show is not cinema –
This is not a social media experiment,
Not something to turn off after an hour
Oblivious in eyes wide open sleep.

We release our water so we may protect it.
The promise of clean water an honor
Not a dream to ponder as a wish
For all who cry silent or loud, cleansing
The sacred land you wish to destroy,

– Lauri Jean Crowe

Things I love: Pigma Micron Black Ink  pens. These are my favorite drawing tools by far. If a magical stork delivered a basket full of them on my doorstep I would be the happiest mother in the world. Of course, I’d be happy to never hold this beloved pen again if we could insure clean water and better humanity in America with less greed and more hope, love and kindness. A girl can dream.

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