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My Keep Going ‘Cuz I Got This Attitude


How do you maintain your unwavering “keep going, ‘cuz I got this” attitude at all times?

Now, that is a damn good question and one put to me by a delightful woman whose name I shall keep anonymous because, well, she didn’t give me permission to share her story. Whenever anyone asks me a question I flippantly respond…I have three answers, which one do you want? Usually this gets eye rolling, but I like to keep things interesting and consider it a service because few people actually exercise their eyes enough.

For this particular conundrum the three responses you might get are pretty straightforward:

  1. I have excellent coping mechanisms brought about by a lifelong struggle with chronic illness both personally and as a caregiver.
  2. There really is no other option, or
  3. I may be a governmental experiment, perhaps a series of failed clones with expiry dates and you just haven’t recognized the replicants. Explains a lot doesn’t it?

There is also the obvious fourth choice: I am an alien. However, that one is so patently obvious that I would probably assume it as a given. If you are still reading this you have probably come to one of the two conclusions that most people arrive at after knowing me even a brief period of time.

  • I am batshit crazy, or
  • Humor keeps me resilient and alive regardless of what life tosses in my salad.

Either one is the absolute truth when it comes to how I keep going ‘cuz I got this. If you can’t laugh at yourself and embrace all the wonderful illusions the world presents you with then you will probably have a rough time in life. I’ve gotten to a place where I choose not to make it any harder than it has to be.

When that logic fails me, I stop, take five breaths and I remember that I am 47 years old. That means I have made it 47 years and counting without dying. That is a freaking 100% success rate. How could I not have a positive attitude with those statistics?

wine-and-pillsI can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not the pharmaceuticals that pump through my veins and there is definitely not too much blood in my alcohol system as in days gone past – like more than 25 years long past. I can also assure you that I am not any more depressed than anyone else in my situation.

I have a wonderful son who was concerned enough despite understanding my often  twisted humor to ask if we needed to have a talk about depression when he saw my latest hope, love and kindness illustration featuring pill bottles – especially after the one with wine.

My son was happy to know the pills illustration was a direct and somewhat satirical response to my friend John suggesting I draw relief. I have a love / hate relationship with my pills. Some like my thyroid meds are necessary ills and others while providing relief for some conditions just offer another host of worries. It seemed well suited  as a photo for the topic at hand as the inquisitor, like many of you, is lovingly aware of my struggles with health and my many spoonless days. She also gets that some days I do find hope in a prescribed, well-researched bottle and that’s okay too because there is a difference between necessary and stupid.

If I do find myself slipping into that unhappy place of doubt where darkness descends and positivity is but a wet dream dried upon stale sheets, I find that listening to The Swans and Michael Gira belt out “I’m so glad I’m better than you. I’m so glad I’m better than you…” helps to reinforce my illusions enough to get to the next smile. I hope you can see clearly through this veil of reality. There is nothing better than a little White Light from the Mouth of Infinity.

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