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You Are A Creative Genius

what is a creative genius master.pngSomething I frequently say when helping other artists find their true purpose is to “leave it up to your creative genius”. The other day a friend said to me, “What the hell is my creative genius? I’m not a genius.” Ah, but I disagree.

Creative genius is about potential. It is the potential that lives within each of us. It is made up of those aha and eureka moments where you manifest a thought into reality in way that is astonishingly fantastic and amaze yourself and others. This potential is a seed that is rattling around within your soul, gently bouncing about and wanting to be released. When you hit it with your divine creative spark you bring it to life. However, it is only when you follow that loop of electric current, spiraling about within you and choose to discharge it out into the Universe that it can truly bloom.

This is what a successful artist, writer, creative maker does. They harness that energy and they shape it, mold it, and release it so that it can continue to pulse and throb with a life of its own. We are not creating Frankenstein’s monster, but we are acting as a vehicle of birth for something that was just waiting for the right carrier to come along.

There are ways to foster this creativity so you can be the optimal vessel from which your creative genus can emerge:

Believe You Are Enough

To be a creative genius, you have to believe in your potential. This starts with recognizing that if it exists within you, you already have it. You are enough. You don’t need external validation. My friend who asked, “what is a creative genius?” fully believed she couldn’t be one simply because she hadn’t had an IQ test that ranked her as such.

When you stop measuring yourself against other people’s sticks you quit getting beaten.

Your thoughts, feelings, instincts, actions, skills are enough; they are valid and they need not be held up to anyone else’s standards to be so. Believe you are enough and you will be so much closer to making your creative genius manifest. If you believe you can receive all that is waiting there under the surface to rise and shine. Believe you are enough.

Follow and Trust Your Intuition

This more than anything, is what I mean when I say “leave it up to your creative genius”. The core of you already knows what your intent is, what your purpose is, but often we are disconnected with our core, our soul, our spirit. This disconnect can be brought about by holding ourselves up against other people’s versions of who we should be instead of just being who we are. When you first begin to believe in your creative genius and connect with your field of intent the path can be blurry so you have to trust your intuition.

When you feel uncertain of your focus and intent – go with your gut. This is your intuition speaking, trying to emerge through the dross of your everyday bullshit that bogs you down. Intuition often manifests in a physical response.

If an action you are taking is at cross purposes with your true intention you will find that you ache, feel off in some way and begin stepping back from an activity. If the path you are following is aligned with your creative genius you may have an impulse to move forward and even a tiny thread of intuition requires nurturing and fearless bounding toward if you truly seek to let your creative genius shine. Follow and trust your intuition.

Be Mindful and Meditate

To connect with your creative genius you need to pay attention. It’s buzzing about in your thoughts, in your dreams, in your twitches and blinks. Meditation isn’t just about stilling your body it is about focusing your energies. When you become mindful you take all those seemingly random thoughts and impulses and can begin to focus on the intention behind them.

When you connect with your field of intention you can recognize it as your creative genius trying to uncoil. If you spiral inward you may find that seed and then you can follow the intention back outward focusing on creative making that presents it to the world in a concrete, artful format. Being mindful can be as simple as setting aside a space for yourself to create in, without distractions, with just you and your art making materials.

Being mindful is about being present and being full in your art is a form of meditation. Both of these things take practice. An intentional daily practice, even if for five minutes can help you access your creative genius and become aware of your focus and how it desires to manifest through you. Be mindful and meditate.

Practice Daily

The potential for creative genius is within you. Believe you are enough. Follow and trust your intuition. Be mindful and meditate. These simple steps can put you on a path where you connect with your artistic potential, stop that seed from ratting, and instead create a garden of delights that has burst forth through your nurturing spirit.

Make being a genius a daily practice in your creative makings and this will lead to a creative, fulfilled life. Even if it is only for five minutes a day, set aside time to honor that creative spark within you, to connect with the divine energy that pulses through you. Then, like my friend, you will finally realize that there is no standard for creative genius and when I say, “leave it up to your creative genius” it’s just my way of saying that I believe in you. I know you have what it takes. You are enough.


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