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Monday Mindset: HARMONY

MM Jan 9 2017 Harmony.jpg

Harmony is an agreement with yourself to be in tune to who you really are and to sound that soul song into the Universe. As each note you send out floats on the wind it will collect the attention of others. Some will shut their ears. others will join you in song. It is the latter who will keep you in harmony and lift you up.

Don’t be afraid to change your tune or your tribe and never give up your soul song. Do, however, feel free to add your unique beat to mine so we can play off of one another in joy. Life isn’t meant to be just a single heartbeat, but a wild cacophony temporarily captured in harmony and joined with love.

Find your harmony today.

If you’re having trouble getting started, watch this video: A Story About A Bird. this inspiring bit from The Montague Workshop may be just the ticket to inspire a little hope and love in your world so you can get back in tune with your unique beat.


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