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Happy Groundhog Day 2017 – Find Your Comfort. Know Its Value

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Punxutawney Phil saw his shadow today, predicting another six weeks of Winter. While I don’t let a groundhog determine my path I do think that settling in for a few more weeks of restorative rest is in my future. Getting over this nasty respiratory virus and dealing with increased mystery muscle issues has me wanting to curl up and hide under the blankets too – just not snowy ones. Instead, today I have reemerged from a drug induced haze to handle the tasks of being Lauri Jean and contemplate what gives value to my life so I can leave behind the old and embrace the new as I head into Spring after a long, hard, Winter.

As you can see from the photo, I like pattern and texture, and they don’t necessarily have to blend or match for me to find them satisfying. It is the layers of life that intrigue me. Whether it’s the pink striped socks I received as a surprise from my friend, Michele, or the well-worn burgundy plaid pajama pants some would encourage me to trade for something more grown up – it is comfort that I seek in all things. Comfort has value.

Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to experience new things. So, where is the balance? Punxutawney Phil said fuck it to Spring and decided to hide in the shadow of Winter a bit longer. There isn’t anything wrong with that but you have to wonder, how would the worldview have changed had he chattered his groundhog speak to the Inner Circle (yes, there is an Inner Circle ) and said Spring shall soon be upon us?

Either way, there was one hell of a celebration going on in Pennsylvania today awaiting the wisdom of a small furry animal that some would simply dismiss as a rodent, without value. I imagine there are quite a few who may feel a wee bit of discomfort at that, and many more who happily tune in to the live feed or show up in person to honor the furry Phil and his message.

As a spirit animal, the groundhog does have some gems of wisdom to offer even if there is no place for a daylong celebration speaking  Pennsylvania Dutch or hosting a fersommling  in your lifetime. The groundhog represents something simple but often forgotten – that you already know the answers, the answers are within you if you just access your source and pay attention to that deep consciousness. That reminder alone should give comfort and value to this day and be a cause for celebration whether you do it quietly in pink socks in your livingroom or nestled in a furry groundhog costume with friends.

The groundhog is also a wonderful reminder that it is okay to burrow in and retreat when things are not to your liking. You don’t have to accept change quickly, but you do have to accept that it will occur. Change, happens. Change is the only constant in life. Mindful thought and careful consideration of your situation can create the meaning you need in change, in the new experience, in the coming season of your life.

As you go about your day, don’t be like Bill Murray’s character repeating the same events over and over again as he did in Groundhog Day the movie until you finally wake up to the reality that has been in front of you all along. Instead, consider your comfort level with this conversation between the main characters in the film, Phil and Rita, right now:

Phil: Do you know what today is?

Rita: No, what?

Phil: Today is tomorrow. It happened.

Sometimes you have to repeat the day to find your comfort, the value. That process may be necessary for you to get from there to here. Sometimes you need to curl up on the pillows and just relax and let life be what it will. Sometimes you find yourself looking to a groundhog named Phil to decide what you will be doing for the next six weeks.

However, the simple fact of the matter is this: if you live your today like you want to live your tomorrow, then you will always be moving forward even if you are standing still on the precipice between shadow and light. Today is tomorrow. It happened. When you are living mindfully there is certain comfort in that too.

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