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Her Soul Radiates Color She Is Fierce

Her Soul Radiates Color She Is Fierce

Artwork by Desiree Tillman Moffett 2015

Her soul radiates
color; she is fierce like fire
searing holes in hearts.

– Lauri Jean Crowe

The muses are always whispering, and when we hear them what we manifest is not always completely original. In fact, I am most likely a spin off – a daughter created because somebody else already had one and my parents thought it seemed like a good idea to have one too. As a creative maker, the idea often comes up of original work and I have had countless conversations with other artists, writers and even physics professors about what originality means.

One of the things you will hear me say often if you stick around long enough is “look to the source”. As a professional ghostwriter for more than 20 years I know a thing or two about how… ahem, ‘original’ content for the web is often pieced and cobbled from other people’s work much like a stone soup that while tasty, really has no substantive creator but is a pool of leftover bits mixed into something that is palatable but not always ideal.

Sometimes we are good at taking things at face value, but most of the time tracking back to the original manifestation of something will get you purer results than that piecemeal quilt of an idea. Purer though is not always better, or more useful, and often that cobbled collective creates something much more meaningful. However,  finding and thanking the source are practices I have built my life on. I think it is important to honor and respect that which has come before.

I prefer the archaic definition of original from Merriam-Webster: “the source or cause from which something arises.” In other words, the catalyst or the originator and I really appreciate the concept of rising as I am always one to rise to a challenge and they always seem to pop into my path unexpected like black cats and spiders. I consider myself an originator although many things about myself are completely unoriginal like my love of the cat and my healthy fear of the spider. This old school definition of original is how I make peace with my own creative makings whether they were inspired by whispers of the muse or derived from the inspiration of a lovely artwork such as that featured in this post.

This 4 x 4 treasure came to me via a swap in 2015 from Desiree Tillman Moffett. It was a one-time interaction, and I cannot recall what art swap group we were part of but it has been a fixture in my life since then, often in part of a kitchen shrine to remind me to be strong as I struggle with some of the most challenging health issues of my life. When I received it I didn’t have a return address for her and today I tried to google her and found a Facebook persona I think belongs to this talented creator and sent her a message as well as a friend request. Find the source, thank the source. Be the catalyst.

That latter bit is why I am choosing to release the little haiku at the top of the page in today’s post as my heart burns with delight that I have been given permission (read that as doctors clearance) to once again drive 15-20 minute short trips. I have been given my wings back, even if they are clipped. This is huge and so I decided to also release this artwork in celebration to another home where it can work its magic as it did in my life every day when my eyes landed on it and my mind absorbed it’s message as truth, giving me the strength to push forward despite oh so many obstacles.

This small bit of colorful joy has provided me with strength when I needed it and when I didn’t think I had it. I did not create the art, but it is infused with so many of my heartbeats, breaths and moments of intention I feel I have empowered it as it empowered me – a circuit of creative making if you will. So thank you Desiree Tillman Moffett wherever you may be in the world. Your art helped me to achieve a positive outcome so I want to pass this living wish on to another who needs it, stitching together our energy paths and being the source of the whisper of an idea for someone else’s dreams.

My CPAP, yoga, bodywork and daily huffs into my incentive spirometer are finally allowing me to breathe well enough to stay awake without drifting off while doing things that should keep me alert like writing this post or talking to my children. I’m waking up, and by passing this brightly burning bit of inspirational artwork on to another I hope that a wound in their heart can be sealed and set free too so that new connection can be made, new beats on the creative drum of life sounding out in the Universe where previously they were silenced. Wherever this motivational beauty lands, I know it will be appreciated. It may not be an original I created, but it is a seed that I want to plant and grow by allowing it to float on the wind, nourishing new life in a distant locale.

I’ll be giving away this piece of art in a random drawing in The A-Mused Tribe in June 2017 for our “Winged Things” theme and wherever it lands I know it will be appreciated and adored just as it has held a warm place in my soul for the past two years. If you don’t know what The A-Mused Tribe is, check us out on Facebook – it’s a group of some of some of the fiercest warrior women I know and we’d love to add your energy into the mix.

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