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Index Card A Day ICAD 2017 Daisy Yellow

ICAD JUNE 1 and 2.jpgI have watched the ICAD Challenge that Daisy Yellow hosts each year for several years now, enjoying the various items that participants come up with using a simple index card as a base. Appreciating the well thought out prompts, I often pondered joining in the fun, but never did…until now.

In June and July 2017 I will be participating and sharing my results each Friday here on the blog. June 1 and 2 are featured in the picture and were created using ruled index cards, previously pulled ink and gelli prints, and printed off haiku I wrote based on the challenge prompts for the day. At the end of the challenge I should have a fun collection of 3” x 5” index card sized art haiku cards. What I will do with them after that remains to be discovered.

I’ll admit I that what kept me from participating before was the index card requirement. Index cards are flimsy and I usually like thick papers like bristol. I associate index cards with when I had to keep extensive contact records when I worked as a multi-line answering service agent in my early twenties and we still kept paper records. The 3” x 5” size is also to me.

However, over the next two months I am going to learn to love the index card and all it has to offer me as an art material. I mean, they are cheap and I have used them in the past to pull quick gelli prints, so maybe I am missing out on something by not embracing the index card. You can pick up 1000 of them on Amazon for around $10, which if you think about it is the opportunity to make 1000 unique pieces of small format art. Not bad. Um, why haven’t I been using index cards again?!?

If you want to learn about ICAD 2017 please visit Daisy Yellow’s blog. I won’t be sharing what the prompts are with you because she asks that we do not post them, instead respecting all her efforts with this project by shooting you in her direction for the FAQ’s and specifics of the challenge. Definitely check out the blog because there is a wealth of fun information, inspiration and ample prompts there to keep you painting, writing or knee deep in creative collage or journals for many, many moons.

Recommended Materials:

If you want to join in the fun, materials I used in the ICAD 2017 cards in the photo were created using the following materials you can pick up on Amazon. If you click through and buy I do get a small cha-ching ding in my affiliate account. It’s a nice way for you to send me a little love if you enjoy the blog. I only recommend items I actually use and keep affiliate links to the end of my posts and transparent so you aren’t surprised or offended. What you see is what you get – that’s me, always and authentic.

Staedtler Fine Line Ink Pens

Ruled 3” x 5” Index Cards

Elmer’s Xtreme Glue Stick

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