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40 Days of Energy and Frequency Begins

August 7 2017 40 Days.png

Michelle Pendergrass is a woman who has inspired me for years now, although we have never met. I own some of her art from inspirational exchanges, though these swaps were never one to one. We cross paths in Facebook groups. Thanks to her offering 40 Days of Energy and Frequency I now have the opportunity to engage more mindfully and intentionally with her.

Michelle’s authenticity of spirit and no bullshit approach to being a living teacher is phenomenal. Her examples of how to be whole have opened me up to ways of thinking and doing I lost along the way, or never knew. She embodies love, joy and the divine feminine and I feel very blessed to have joined her for the next 40 days of personal growth and exploration.

40 Days of Energy and Frequency begins today, but yesterday she gave us a challenge. You know I always buck against any form of authority except my own, so I made it my own. This image is what manifested along with words that are held for future sharing. For now, I share them in the sacred space of those walking the path with me for this time period.

The exercise Michelle suggested reconnected me with my love of ink; my love of drawing, and my joy when manifesting my internal vision through the simplicity of black and white. I am grateful for that beautiful piece of myself resurfacing. I feel whole, strong, more me, more in touch with what I need. It took one simple mindset shift, one act of creativity. This is the power of connection, energy exchange and being open to abundance.

Today I am excited and encouraged. I was up restless in the glow of the full moon when my pen found my hand last night. This morning I bathed in the light of the sun refreshed, cleansed and ready to tackle the rocks in my path. Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I begin to blog again after a long dry spell.

Last night a lot of my mental and emotional pain lifted about my illness and disability. I found a reserve, a deep well that had hidden from me. Uncovering it has brought me joy and hope again – reservoirs that need constant replenishment. I have Michelle Pendergrass to thank for helping me to excavate the layers of shit that were clogging my creative pipes. Check out her blog, her Facebook page and her offerings. They may resonate with you too.

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