Lauri Jean Crowe

Artist, Writer, Woman, Mother, Healer, Teacher, Biohacker, Gardener, Friend, Entrepreneur

HUNGRY #INKtober 2016

Long tendrils of somnolence blow in the wind, wrapping her in a state of unease. Pupils dilated, she closes her eyes to the sun, feels its warmth looks within. Her wings flutter, heavy, laden with deadly nightshade. She falls to her knees, belladonna bloom falling from her hand, not willing to let go completely. She accepts; she is the chrysalis.

Transformed she wakes. The hunger unfurls. Her lips are dry, parched, aching. Her wings flutter, feel lighter. Fingers, stiff and cold she pushes off the moist, cloying earth, its sharp leaves her prickly resting place. She feels the tension leave her body, swollen breasts lift as arms stretch out, rising into the cool breeze. Renewed she closes her eyes and hums, headed into the light, searching for the water of life.

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