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Join The House of Altered Spoons

margarets-spoonThe House of Altered Spoons was created in November 2016 as a means for the open, heart centered exchange of mixed media altered spoons.

Lauri Jean received a beautiful altered spoon from her friend, Margaret, after sending her a spoon and a handful of items that has meaning.

Margaret added her own bits and baubles and crafted it into a lovely spoon that brings Lauri Jean much peace, inspiration and encouragement on days when she is lacking energy due to her ongoing struggle with chronic illness.

You can read about this magical spoon that started it all in this blog post where you will learn a little about about Spoon Theory.

In that post,  Lauri Jean put out a call to creatives for an altered spoon exchange. The response was enthusiastic and overwhelming.

At the suggestion of her friend, Jude, she opened the doors of The House of Altered Spoons to provide a platform to explore this creative practice and facilitate the exchange of altered spoons with other artists around the globe in mindful swaps.

To join The House of Altered Spoons, please fill out this contact form and you will receive an email from Lauri Jean and an invitation to the Facebook group. Please be patient, it may take a couple days as Lauri Jean’s energy reserves are limited and she only has so many spoons to offer each day and isn’t always online. Your information is always kept confidential, and Lauri Jean won’t swamp you with useless emails or adverts. The House of Altered Spoons is about healing through art – just making and feeling good together. Won’t you join us?


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