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Sign Me Up For The A-Mused Tribe


A-Mused Tribe is the evolution of creative makers who inspire and nurture each other while remaining happily, artfully, amused. We want you to join our tribe, share your creative genius and always be willing to laugh at yourself and with others, realizing that imperfection is just a state of mind and the joy of making art can soothe the soul and awaken the spirit. (Scroll down for more details on the Tribe or jump in and fill out the registration form now!)


The type of members you will find in our Tribe are:

Artistic – The A-Mused Tribe is a place to share your creativity, exchange ideas, learn new techniques and participate in swaps with other creative makers. Show us your craft as it develops and evolves and remember beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but art is what you make it. Make more.

Mindful – The A-Mused Tribe expects that you be respectful, compassionate and conscientious with your words. Be aware that not everyone has the same skill set and that every artist is doing the best they can in that moment. Form your comments in a way that supports instead of tears down. We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of negativity, slurs, racism or naysaying. Be kind.

Unique – The A-Mused Tribe will share techniques with you and offer up tutorials as well as have professional artists and those who craft as a hobby sharing their work. Be respectful of people’s artistic creations and don’t rip off their ideas or blatantly copy their products. Mimicry may be a form of flattering and learning, but sucking the profit from another artist is just bad karma. Be you – you are enough.

Soulful – The A-Mused Tribe recognizes that each of us has an inner core that may be fragile and that many of you have deep heartfelt emotion connected to what you create. We want you to embrace those unguarded moments and be comfortable sharing them so you can fully manifest your creations. Dive deep and let us see both your darkness and your light.

Encouraging – The A-Mused Tribe has been designed to encourage artists of all levels to explore new media, techniques and ways of expressing themselves. We want you to get messy, play, and find the joy in creativity. We also want you to encourage others by sharing your own tips and tricks and favorite tools of your trade.

Divine – The A-Mused Tribe is a place for divinity in that each time you makamt-chicklete art there is a divine spark that takes place (call it a passion, or a fire, or a talent). When that spark, that divine whisper, manifests you discover something about yourself. Whether you take guidance from the Muses, God, Goddess, Buddha, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, take an atheistic approach to existence or embrace Dudeism, we are all equals on the Wheel of Life and each of us has that divine spark within. Light it up.
We will begin inviting members Dec 15, 2016 for our official launch January 2017. You can learn more by visiting our public Facebook page: The A-Mused Tribe Open Circle or fill in the contact form to get an invite to the group. We hope you’ll add your energy to our tribe and join in the fun of being a creative maker.


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