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Sign Up For The 20 Things Swap: AUEX2017 Autumn Equinox Theme

20-things-swapThe A-Mused Tribe 20 Things Swap is a unique exchange where participants create 20 artful objects and receive 20 different objects back from other participants. Objects are left to the creative genius of each maker and follow a loose theme of either the solstice or equinox. REGISTER NOW!
Part of the fun of this swap is the mystery of opening a package of 20 unique handcrafted items from artists around the globe. Objects should be kept small enough to hold in the hand, or roughly hand sized if they are three dimensional, and no larger than 5” x 7” for flat artwork to keep down the cost of mailing.

Participation fee for the 20 Things Swaps is $20 per 20 Things. You can play more than once per theme as long as you send completely different items for each 20 Things. For example, you could send one set of the same series of art cards, and the second participation could be beaded charms or you could send 20 or 40 unique creations. Items should be hand crafted and not mass produced. This A-Mused Tribe swap is open to the public. Anyone can play regardless of age or skill level. We don’t discriminate – we want everyone to have fun with this swap. Check out this video to see items artists have made in our previous swap.

Remember, TRUST your creative genius, any 20 things you create will be enjoyed. Once you’ve registered, you will be added to an email list just for this swap and will receive details on where to send your items in the USA. The Autumn Equinox themed swap must arrive no later than August 15, 2017 and your packages will be swapped out and returned the first week of September so you have your box of delights by the Autumn Equinox to celebrate with.

Not sure what to create for the 20 Things Swap? Here’s a rambling of ideas for you…

  • ATC’s
  • artist necklaces
  • artist pins
  • limited edition mini books
  • polymer clay sculptures
  • mixed media bookmarks
  • small format paintings
  • matchbox shrines
  • mini sewn pouches
  • ornaments
  • altar décor
  • tiny vessels
  • beaded charms
  • prayer flags
  • junk journals
  • embellished art photography
  • anything you can imagine and manifest

Don’t forget to REGISTER FOR AUEX2017 and be sure to tell your creative friends about this cool 20 Things Swap.

This swap is hosted by The A-Mused Tribe and Lauri Jean Crowe. Participation payment is processed through PayPal. If you have any questions you can Contact Lauri Jean or visit The A-Mused Tribe Open Circle on Facebook. We are always open to new members who want to join our free community on Facebook. Sign Me Up For The A-Mused Tribe

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